26th Dec, 2009

Christmas Day Swim!

I know I’m a day late but better late than never!

I got up on Christmas Day and drove to Weymouth for the traditional swim across the harbour. I have to say that I enjoyed it enormously even though it was only 8 degrees! Actual swim took less than a minute but that still was enough time to get very cold! I would just like to add that my uncle also decided it was a good idea to join in, as did a couple of hundred others. As far as I could tell everyone enjoyed it, and it was fantastic Christmas spirit!

Happy Swimming, and Happy Christmas! :D



Christmas day?! Bloody good effort!! :)

Happy New Year Chris.

Hope the training is going well, pleased to see you were in the cold water for Christmas and not eating a selection box!

Best wishes from Taunton School and keep us posted…..

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