21st Feb, 2010

Time to blog

Hello all!

Finally found some time to write another post. Note to self: ‘must write more on blog’

Been training as much as possible over the last few weeks, been more difficult than normal due to the volume of coursework that has had to be handed in recently! Still managed to find time to get a 12 km swim in earlier this week. Took just over 3 hours, the lifeguards looked at me like I’m mad… At least that’s overĀ a third of the distance of the Channel in one go… Still plenty of distance to go though!

At the moment its still far too cold to be training in the sea, but when I do I will be sure to post about it! Hopefully I’ll get some photos too.

Plenty of things still need organising for the swim (where to stay, what grease to buy, what to eat, etc.) but there is still time, even though the clock is ticking!

I think I’ve rambled on for long enough now, I’ll be sure to post again soon, I must make it more regular (and less rambling).

One more thing, please support my channel swim attempt and support CRY, the donations page is up and running, your support is greatly appreciated!

Happy Swimming :)


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