27th Feb, 2010

Weekend Post

This is my attempt to write more on the blog, as requested by a few people, you know who you are!

This weekend is a particularly busy one for me. I’ve got two essays to write… Which is always fun. I’m planning on getting a 2 hours swim on Sunday and hopefully another swim on Monday. Training in a public pool is always entertaining as I spendĀ a lot of the time looking around to see where I’m going, and trying not to crash into the other people who are swimming! It does at least produce some relief to the monotony of ploughing up and down the same 25m of swimming pool over and over…

One last thing before I finish this post. If any of you use Twitter, please do follow me! You will get more regular updates on everything that is going on, as well as the odd random quote or joke to brighten up your day.

Happy Swimming :)



I follow Chris on twitter :) It’s much easier than heading over to his website everyday to check for the regular updates! Keep on swimming lad x

Sounds like your doing well, keep it up Walshy! x

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