6th Mar, 2010

Weekend Post, another weekend :)

Hello all,

I’ve just been informed that it’s about time I wrote another blog post, so I thought I would oblige! As always, Saturday’s are far too busy to get a decent session in at a public pool, so I won’t get into the pool today, maybe I get to do something else… If I can find my running kit! Sunday will be quieter, so I should get a nice long swim in :)

I also want to thank all of those amazing people who have sponsored me so far, and ask those of you who haven’t to please sponsor me, it’s for a very good cause!

I’d also like to remind those of you on facebook or twitter that you can join my facebook group or follow me on twitter, links can be found on the contacts page.

Anyway, time to sign off. Where’s that running kit…

Happy Swimming :)


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