25th Jul, 2010

6 Hour swim… Done!!

Hello everyone!

I know its been far to long since my last update, so I thought I should let everyone know what is going on! Last weekend I did a swim down at Weymouth and was in the water for just over 3 hours, then yesterday I managed to do a 6 hour swim, which was hard work! But surprisingly I felt ok at the end of the swim, I wasn’t too cold, which I was amazed at! I’ve been told that I need to try to do an 8 hour swim in the next 2 weeks then after that ‘its all in the mind.’ At least that is what I’ve been told! We shall have to see.  In theory at least after 8 hours across the channel I should be able to see the French coastline, then it is just a case of getting there… Anyway, enough of my ramblings for now, I will update again soon (I promise!!), probably after my 8 hour swim!

Happy Swimming :)



Sounds like it still going well, great to hear! Keep it up Chris! x

Keep going Chris – doing so well. xx

nice one mate, went across there on the ferry last week . . . long way!!! :O x

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