9th Aug, 2010

Me on the radio!

Hello Everyone!

I was interviewed on BBC radio somerset this morning, have a listen at 53 mins, 58 mins and then 1 hour 16 mins: http://bit.ly/92adQk 

Also thank you to everyone who has already sponsored me and to those of you who still would like to please go to the donate page on my website.

Happy Swimming :)



Hey Chris!!

Listened to your intervew! I didn’t know it’s gonna take that long. 12 hours is A LOT :P Just more than a month left to get yourself ready ;)

I wish you the best of luck!!


Hey Chris,

wow, you’re not taking a break from challenges! I wish you a smooth crossing! go chris, go! or rather swim!

see you in september!


Nice one Walshy :)
Missed it but will have a listen when I get back to England. But it probably won’t be on iPlayer in a week’s time?

Keep it up x

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