15th Aug, 2010

8 hour swim!

Hello Everyone,

As promised here is my post after my 8 hour swim. I’ve just got home after swimming for 8 hours and I have found that I have the most ridiculous tan lines ever! The perils of swimming in the sea without sun cream…

I have to thank my dad and girlfriend for sitting and watching me swim for the whole 8 hours. Dad even joined me for the last hour of the swim! I also have to thank all of the people who were sat on the beach and cheered me on throughout the swim and particularly to the people who clapped me as I stumbled out of the sea! The support shown by complete strangers really does mean a lot, so thank you!

That really was a tough swim. I really started to struggle at 5 hours, but thankfully my support team made me stay in. I don’t think I was particularly cold, but I think the boredom had really set in and I had had enough. After a little chat with my support team, they persuaded me to continue swimming and I’m so pleased they did! I was capable of doing it, but when you’ve started swimming at 9am, by 2pm it gets pretty boring!

Again thank you so much to all of you who have sponsored me, it is very much appreciated.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, I’m sure that I’ll be posting again soon.

Happy Swimming :)



Great job! and remember-the harder you work, the harder it is to surrender! Don’t ever give in-its all mental-go for it!

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