20th Sep, 2010

I’m Going!!!

Hello Everyone,

I have had final confirmation that I’m going tomorrow morning! I’m leaving between half past 7 and 8 and hope to finish around that time in the evening! I will let everyone know when I’m back!

Happy Swimming :)



Good Luck! and please actually go this time! Facebook updates are filling up my inbox!! But seriously I hope you achieve your aims and finishing is rewarding! It is what we do in life that makes us who we are.

GOOD LUCK! Hope the weather holds out. xxx

Best of luck walshy! hope it all goes to plan! x

have a great swim! please scare all of the jellyfish away, as we’re on a boat hoping to get out on Weds!
Best of luck!!
Julie & team

Wish you my best!! and happy trip to france (the best country in the world…) and overall GOOD LUCK hope to see you soon!!!

Good luck !

MEGA GOOD LUCK!!!!! Please dont drown!!!

Good luck Chris!! Hope it goes really well! X

Bonne Chance!! (figured that was appropriate since you’re swimming to France).
You’re going to do amazingly i’m sure :) xxx

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