ClariVein® is the brand name for a very new varicose vein treatment. The device is approved both in the US and Europe and has been used in the UK for more than two years, with excellent results.

The principle behind ClariVein® is the complete closure of the faulty vein causing reflux by using a combination of a rapidly rotating catheter tip inside the affected vein together with direct application of a prescription medicine inside the vein.

  • ClariVein® does not require a general anaesthetic.
  • The ClariVein® procedure can be performed in an out-patient setting (walk in, walk out)
  • Non tumescent anaesthesia (very few local anaesthetic jabs)
  • Non-thermal (no risks to skin or nerves)
  • Very comfortable and quick recovery
  • Reduced Procedure Time
  • Performed in over 35,000 cases worldwide, the ClariVein® system is clinically proven